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(one LED-tube for all styles of ballast)

You are looking for a LED tube which can be used with in all holders? Change your G13/T8 fluorescent tube by our patented SI®4-Technology tube. Compatible with all balast; SI = Simple Installation. It is clearly identified with the blue-green rotary switch.

In today's world, the customer does not have to worry about rewiring his existing fluorescent tubes. Retrofit was always a "thorn in the eye" of the monitoring authorities, since the safety often remained on the line. With pre-installed ECGs it had to be re-wired. Alleged ECG compatible LED tubes conduct the current, so that it can come to an electric shock. Our SI®4 technology is currently the only known solution that is compatible with all ballasts without exception. All major market supporters make restrictions on compatibility and warranty. We do not. We give an unlimited 3 years warranty. This differs from the limited warranty of the leading light companies by the fact that in the event of a fault, you do not have to prove the production defect of the manufacturer, but that we are standing for our product.

Schmelter LED-Technology – SI4-Technologie
The technical status of our development is, among other things, a switch on both sides of the tube that allows the current to flow only when the LED tube is properly fixed in the socket. In this context SI means secure installation. In addition, an internal driver of the IC control controls all conceivable scenarios. This SI®4 tubes are able to work in the high frequency as normal frequency range. Tensions are balanced and the optimum point of effectiveness is determined. The SI®4 technology causes the LED tube to behave like a fluorescent tube but consumes only a fraction of the energy.

It does not matter whether conventional ballasts or low-loss ballasts are installed, whether or not the electronic ballast is cold or warm-start-controlled, no matter whether dual (one ballast serves two or more fluorescent tubes) triple or singling circuit. Screw the SI®4 LED tube in and enjoy all the advantages of the new technology. Even a mix of fluorescent and LED is possible. And the best - if your ballast is completely defective, the tube can also be used with direct current. Only two connecting pins have to be connected direct to 100-230V power. A re-change to fluorescent tube as required by the VDE rules without modification to the original illuminant, is possible at any time - but who wants it?

Chances of saving energy are diverse. But which allows for an amortization often under a year? Take your personal responsibility for the environment.

Nowadays, the SI4 tube is superior to most alternative products in terms of light output. For example, a 27W Nominallast SI4 tube generates approx. 3300 lm LED luminous flux. Due to the frosted cover the LED's are nearly not visible, which is very beneficial to the passive theft protection.

Schmelter LED-Technology Bild – SI4-Technologie
New innovative products are often copied. The SI technology is protected by copyright for all ERP countries.

Without a responsible approach to the resources, we will burn the earth to our children. Do we want that?

The performance data of the fluorescent tube (Wattage) does not include the power loss of the ballast. Since the SI4-LED tube technology loads the ballast considerably less, it does not become so hot. Hot units means always loss of energy.

You can believe: "The anger about poor quality lasts longer than the short joy of the low price."

Schmelter LED-Technology – SI4 Technologie

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